A key component of an ergonomic workstation and a must for any keyboard user, the well-designed articulating keyboard system offers serious protection from carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain and other musculoskeletal issues.

With a keyboard support

Relaxed upper body / The User’s back is engaged with  the chair / Straight wrists / Neutral, low-risk, sustainable posture

Humanscale keyboard systems ensure nearly all users can work consistently within their Neutral Reach Zone to maintain a low-risk posture.

Mouse Platforms

From our original Swivel Mouse to our best-in-class Clip Mouse – which features height, depth and lateral adjustability, and can easily be moved to support left- or right-handed mousing. Humanscale’s mouse options will keep you mousing in comfort.

The market leader in articulating keyboard systems for nearly a decade, Humanscale introduces its most advanced keyboard mechanism yet.

  • Intuitive height adjustment without locks, levers or controls
  • Dial-a-tilt positioning
  • Ultra-thin profile for maximum knee clearance
  • Superior design provides maximum stability
  • Raised tilt mech protects keyboard from collisions with desk edge
  • Utilises 30% less steel than similar mechanisms, reducing environmental impact
  • Weighs 25% less than similar mechanisms
Design square – Watson Commercial

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