The Directions 50mm and 65mm Screen is a contemporary screen system that provides privacy and comfort.  It can be tailored to suit each workplace environment.  A virtually unlimited range of designer fabrics and functional finishes are available, enabling the workplace to be custom designed to your needs.  A wide choice of accessories allows the workspace to fulfil a variety of functions.

Directions 50 and 60 can also include a combination of Glass, Acrylic and/or Fabric panels with Base or Mid ducting

Signature 35 Non Ducted EO Pinnable MDF substrate, aluminium framed screen

System 50 Non Ducted

System 65 Ducted


We source both locally made and International fabric houses

Screens can be made to measure according to specifications

System 35 can be used both full height, desk mounted or wall started

Fabric can be rotated for screens longer than 1800mmW

Alternate Frame powder coating options available


According to customer specifications


Length 1200mmL – 2100mmL (or as per customer specifications)

Height 500mmH – 1500mmH (or as per customer specifications)

Frame White, Black or Silver

Brackets White, Black or Silver

Design square – Watson Commercial

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