Hush Meet is an additional, independent space for your office. It allows you to conduct meetings in a comfortable and secure environment with advanced acoustic solutions. Additionally, the closed space provides a feeling of privacy which ensures that everyone within the Hush Meet can feel at ease. The pod is an excellent alternative to small conference rooms and can be placed wherever you want. Acoustic solutions mean conversations within the pod can barely be heard from outside.

The Hush Meet also have complete internal air exchange which minimizes the risk infection. It completely exchanges the breathed air within the pod to fresh air within 2.5minutes. The ventilation will stay active after use for a further 5 minutes to ensure that the air is fresh for the next user and minimizing the risk of infection between workers. Additionally, the more frequently touched areas are coated with thin nano-photocatalyst layer which prevents the development of viruses and other infectious microbes.


  • Two sizes to fit either 2 or 4 people comfortable
  • Anti-collision door manifestation
  • Toughened acoustic glass with high quality handle
  • Door within the aluminium frame includes an acoustic shell
  • Powder module: power + USB + RJ45
  • Can be moved without disassembly
  • Stocked in Cosmos Grey or White
    • Cosmos Grey case with white table, fabric in Silver and Pelikan, frame in Grey with clear glass
    • White case with white table, fabric in Silver and Pelikan, frame in Grey and column colour in Cosmos Grey with clear glass.
  • Various custom upholstery on request – indent
  • Can hang TV screen on central panel
  • Green wall available to grow plants on one outside wall
  • Smaller size: (2 people)
    • Width: 2150mm
    • Depth: 900mm
    • Height: 2300mm
    • Weight: 495kg


  • Larger size: (4 people)
    • Width: 2150mm
    • Height: 2300mm
    • Depth: 1390mm
    • Weight: 495kg
  • Upholstered
  • Glass
  • Aluminium frame
  • 60 month warranty
Design square – Watson Commercial

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